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Doing Business with Amazon Has Changed Our & 100 of Families Trajectory...And Yours Can Be Next

This course was created to share everything that we learned in the process of setting up and growing e-commerce business in 90 Days. 

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In this Strat-Up Program, We’ll show you EVERYTHING you need to know to go from the ‘idea’ of starting e-commerce business to actually setting up your business!

MODULE 1: E-Commerce Business Basics

You will lay a strong foundation for your new E-Com business. We'll cover the different ways that you can sell on Amazon. ATES program Introduction, Payout Structure from Amazon, Seller Account Management Payout, Partner support from Amazon

MODULE 2: Amazon Seller Account Setup

We will walk you through the entire process of setting up your Amazon Seller Account. We'll help you select the right type of account for your new business, choose the right seller name. Amazon Seller Account Introduction, Amazon Seller Registration Criteria & Overview of Seller Dashboard!

MODULE 3: All About Product

Product listing basics, New product listing in seller catalogue, Product mapping One by one product listing, Establishing Parent -Child relation, Creating product variation, Product listing in bulk Product listing using Flat files, Listing Loader overview, Listing procedure using Listing Loader.

MODULES 4-5: Amazon Categories, Ranks & The Buy Box

In these modules, we will deep dive into the information Amazon gives us through seller coach that helps us see, how well products are selling and how we can get the product in front of eager buyers.

MODULES 6-7: Pricing Your Products on Amazon

In these modules, we'll show you how to strategically price your products so that they will sell quickly and for the highest possible profit. We'll explore in detail about Pricing management, Automate pricing procedure.

MODULES 8-9: Prepping - Packing - Shipping

We'll show you exactly how to safely package your products, no matter the type. You'll be able to send your items off confidently and keep track of them until they reaches your customer.

MODULE 10: Managing Your Amazon Account

You'll discover how to handle all of the behind the scenes operations of selling on Amazon. This is where you can keep track of all of your sold items, reply to customer messages, communicate with seller support and so much more!

MODULE 11: Discover The Hidden Potential of Business.

Discover personal and business strengths & weakness. Identify the gaps & Defining Your Business Model. Discover the secret key to adopt the ever changing and challenging environment. Action Step – Assessment of current business operation and way forward.

MODULE 12: Aware - Finding your Marketing Formula

Identify Your Idea Client. Understanding changing market condition, customer, and competition. 3 phases of most successful marketing plan (3 S). Designing your marketing strategy. Action Step – Assessment of your marketing systems and way forward

MODULE 13: Winning Clients - Secrets to converting prospects into clients.

6 Step selling cycle you must master to close more sales. The Anatomy of a Closing a sale. Delivering a Winning Presentations. Action Step - Assessing your sales systems and a way forward

MODULE 14: Nurturing Customer- Master The Process Of Building Relationship With Customer.

Focusing on your customer: Why you should care? 3 Challenges of Customer Service System. The two critical functions of your business. Serve your customers better than your competitors. Action Step – Evaluate the effectiveness of Customer Service and next step.

We Make Building an E-Com Business Easy!

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